Medical Care
Residents select the attending physician of their choice. This physician is responsible for prescribing all aspects of the residentís medical care. In addition, the Medical Director of the facility oversees its medical and nursing programs, ensuring quality care and performance at every level.
Family and Social Services
The staff of Gladstone Care and Rehabilitation Center understands the special needs of the family of a loved one in a nursing home. While caregiving can be rewarding, it can also be a challenge.
Families are encouraged to participate in regular individual Resident Care Plan conferences.
At Gladstone Care and Rehabilitation, we strive to provide the extra touches that make a meal special. Nutritious meals are served in our spacious, home like dining room as well as in the resident rooms.
Activities Programs
Our activities department encourages all residents to take an active role in their environment and develops programs to meet each residentís individual needs and interests.
All residents are encouraged to participate in the facility Resident Council. This council makes recommendations to the facility administration regarding its programs and services.
A variety of activities are scheduled seven days a week, including a variety of social and religious programs. Also, outside trips are arranged on a regular basis.